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- Looks like a major media company will be moving into the recently renovated 275 Hill Street building. This building was in seriously sorry shape when AMH Properties acquired it and renovated it into a sleek 60's chic kind of looking building with a killer paint job, new windows, complete rehab of the interior and prepping of the bottom floor for a restaurant. The folks who own/run AMH Properties are nice folks, I met with them a couple years ago. Kudos to them for so quickly securing a tenant so soon after finishing their rehab of this building. Source: NNBW

- Atlantis Casino buys some land, eyes expansion even as its casino revenues slide 11% and restaurant revenues slide 10% from a year ago. Source: NNBW

- Signature Landscapes will be setting up a Low Impact Development (LID) Demonstration Project (landscape) at the McKinley Arts Center on Riverside Drive.

- Gringos! Haha can't get over that name. Gringos which will hopefully be opening soon on the corner of 2nd and Sierra Street next to West 2nd Street Bar, is asking for a 4 foot wide by 50 foot long abandonment of the easement on Sierra Street. Hmm wonder what they want to do with the extra room? Outdoor seating maybe?

- In tomorrow's city council meeting, Cashell wants an accounting of all revenues received by the RSCVA from the National Bowling Stadium, the Reno Events Center and the Downtown Ballroom, and funds remitted to the City of Reno

- Also in tomorrow's meeting will be an update on the Status of the Kings Inn Property, discussion and potential direction to staff.

- And finally in tomorrow's meeting, the council/staff will discuss the status of the vacant property at the Southeast Corner of Sierra Street and Second Street, once planned as a Longs/CVS drugstore.

- Hmm what's going on here? Some kind of renovation? By Amendment 21.


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Posted by: Kyle Weiss - 10/27/2009 12:25:00 PM
275 Hill has always been a great building! I used to climb up on it a lot and just hang out. I'm really glad they've done what they have with it. Now, to get something done with those boarded-up houses and the old Yoga building that's been 1,000 other things on the corner of Court and Flint...

Posted by: Kaseygirl - 10/27/2009 12:55:13 PM
Hey Mike do you happen to know what is going in where the old Society cleaners used to be off of Keystone? They have done some major construction, I am curious!

Posted by: Brian - 11/15/2009 1:15:48 PM
445 S. Virginia is getting a Paul Mitchell Salon. We are putting them on the Sierra Street side of the building, and the building owner is doing the TI's right now.