Well here we are, the last few steps of the process to turn my neighborhood into a conservation district are coming up, and then seven long years of work will hopefully come to a satisfying close when, in a few weeks, you will be able to call the enclave of bungalows between Holcomb, Kirman, Ryland/Liberty and Vassar a true conservation district. My post over at BLG will fill you in on some history, but we in this neighborhood we've been going at this since 2006.

The city has decided to hold a neighborhood meeting to make sure that everyone is up to speed on the approval process for the conservation district. The conservation district is an amendment to the City's code that designates our neighborhood as a unique historic area.

There will be a meeting for the neighborhood at City Hall on October 16th, at 12 noon. The meeting will be on the 7th floor of City Hall (first and Virginia), turn right out of the elevator and head to the conference room. For those of you who are able to attend, this will be a good meeting to come to and show your support for the conservation district and the work that Barrie Schuster and many of my neighbors have done to get this process completed. At this meeting city staff will be looking for comments from the neighborhood, the public, as well as explaining the process and what the conservation district designation means. The Conservation District will then go to Planning Commission on October 17th at 6pm. And if approved at Planning Commission it will go on to City Council for approval on the afternoon of November 7th.