1. The Capital Surcharge Subcommittee will be meeting tomorrow, Tuesday November 19 at 3 pm in the 7th floor Public Works conference room at 1 East First Street. They will be reviewing interior design options for the new Kingpin Club at the National Bowling Stadium downtown, including lighting and photography options. They will also be discussing improvements to the exterior and flooring options for the Squad Room. If you are interested in seeing what's in in store for the National Bowling Stadium, check this meeting out. For Agenda click here.

2. Redevelopment Agency Meeting - Wednesday November 20th 12:00 pm City Council Chambers, 1 East First Street. Nothing big here, Bumblebee Blooms is looking to move north a few blocks and join Silver Peak,. Reno Envy and others at the Parking Gallery at 135 North Sierra Street. For Agenda click here.