The short version of Reno Provisions is simple: Cafeteria, Market, Retail, Demonstration Kitchen, Events, largest butcher shop in northern Nevada, Pastry, Pasta and Bread Production. The long version paints a bold and much deeper picture; one that adds new layers to the sustainable food movement chef Mark Estee presides over in Northern Nevada. This multifaceted property is the first of its kind in Reno and as downtown and midtown continue to revive and reinvent itself, the location on 1st and Sierra solidifies Reno’s progression as a culinary community. 

The cafeteria is reminiscent of the cafeteria style delis found in downtown Los Angeles, and took me right back to my childhood days of eating at Philippe's and Kinder's, which at the time both were very much cafeteria style delis. Reno Provisions' cafeteria will have a multitude of menu options, all of which are grab-n-go and will be simple, fresh, seasonal and local. From 7 a.m. - 7 p.m., 7 days a week, guests can dine in or take home packaged restaurant staples along with new and craveable additions, each integrating the  "whole animal butchery" and "root to stalk" philosophies found in all of Estee's restaurants and brands. House specials will be featured daily along with deli sandwiches, gelato, juice and smoothies.

Love the tomato sauce at Campo? The homemade pastas, the salad dressings, the pizza dough? Want a Burger Me! bun or house-made salami at your next party? No problem. The market is stocked with high-quality ingredients so customers have the ability to craft their own dishes at home.  


The interior at Reno Provisions carries an Art Deco theme that draws on recycled and local pieces. Furniture can easily be removed and re-arranged should the entire 6,000 square feet of floor space need to be transformed for a private event. A $1.6 million renovation was completed to the 1956 building, which among other improvements now has larger windows to highlight the city’s energy and allow for ample natural light. The 2nd floor of the building also had windows added, in preparation to turn the 2nd floor into office space.  


Moving past the market, guests will find a retail area filled with unique pantry items, kitchen tools, cookbooks, and local artisan works. Hand selected by team members of the Local Food Group, Estee's overarching restaurant brand, Reno Provisions also becomes a go-to for gifts and last minute must-haves.   Directly adjacent to the retail area is the demonstration kitchen, which features a state of the art cooking facility for recipe testing, education, cook-offs, hi-definition filming and more. A hub for culinary creativity, the space will serve up learning opportunities for even the youngest of chefs. 

Demonstration kitchen

Down a wide set of stairs, inner workings of the entire operation commence: butcher shop, bakery and pasta production. This 12,000-square-foot section of the building vertically integrates the supply chain of Local Food Group establishments, and is where Estee and his team exercise quality control and consistency.   "Reno Provisions is a beginning and final destination under one roof," said Estee. "Our goal is to adapt and implement the simple principals of vertical integration to food, beverage and service, while creating a first-of-its-kind culinary experience in downtown Reno. It stands as a model of a community working together. We could not be more excited to open these doors."


The real magic happens downstairs in the bakery and large butcher shop.

Grand Opening Date: December 2nd, 6-9 pm
100 North Sierra
Best parking will be in the parking garage on 1st and Sierra, entrance on 1st Street.