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- Oooh the Kings Inn is on the fast track. And by fast track I mean it has shown up on more than one agenda meeting in one month. Maybe staff received some info from the new owner regarding plans, because it has popped on the agenda again only a week after Council requested more info re: what's going on with the yellow pigeon coop. They will talk about it again in tomorrow's city council meeting.

- It looks like Wood Rogers is the frontrunner for the new South Virginia Streetscape Standard Design. This is for what's now being called the 'South Virginia Complete Project.' Although I do think they can find a more creative name than 'South Virginia Complete Project', it refers to the combination of proposed streetscape beautification enhancements for South Virginia Street from Liberty to the Convention Center-ish (it keeps expanding) and the RTC mass transit project/stations.

- For some real government intensity and action, I present to you the Sidewalk Vendor Permit Committee. Yeah, they're hardcore and know it. At the 11/9/09 meeting at 11:00 a.m. on the second floor conference room at City Hall, they will consider a permanent location request for Chicago's Deli and Hot Dogs on the corner of Lake and Second Street....probably a good location considering all the construction going on in that area right now.

- If the Street Vendor Committee doesn't say 'rock on' to you, then there's always the Ward 4 NAB Meeting, coming up on November 9 at the Evelyn Mount Community Center, 1301 Valley Road at 6 p.m. I normally don't dig into the deep waters of Neighborhood Advisory Board meetings to scour for info, because most of it usually makes its way to the Council Chambers sooner or later...but to my shock, there are actually development projects on the agenda. Lately, most of the Neighborhood Advisory Board Meetings have been devoid of development projects, even simple things like variance requests. But alas! Two appear on this meeting, one for a project called University Point Studios, which is asking for a special use permit for a hillside multi-family development. The second is for the Freighthouse District, which is seeking landscaping requirement variances. There's also a presentation on the BRT system proposed, in case you missed it.

- Looks like Ward 2 will discuss the night-lighting of Virginia Lake, and also the Virginia Lakes Crossing development. Speaking of Virginia Lake Crossing, the development located between Virginia Street and the east side of Virginia Lake, they will be resubmitting a tentative map for their project at the upcoming Planning Commission meeting. This doesn't mean they are going to complete the unfinished phases, it just means in Planning Commission terms, the tentative map will expire soon and needs to be resubmitted. The meeting is on 11/5 at 6 p.m. Meadowood Courtyard (Super 8 Hotel) - 5851 South Virginia Street.

- I hear Knitting Factory downtown will be open sometime in December. This concert venue will be located in the former Rocky's Casino on Virginia Street between 2nd and Commercial Row.

- Downtown is in the spotlight at the upcoming Special Events Committee Meeting, where they will discuss a possible 2010 Independence Day celebration, and sponsoring Hot August Nights for 2010, 2011, 2012. The meeting is Friday at 1:00 p.m. in the 15th floor conference room.

- There is a presentation of SK Baseball's extended Freight House District plans on Thursday. The presentation will include layout, designs and plans for the new Freight House District, located adjacent to Aces Ballpark.

- Reno's new geothermal push continues, with some successes.


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Posted by: Rob - 11/4/2009 10:31:53 AM
Thanks for the updates!


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