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Upcoming City Council Meeting Items

Some interesting tidbits coming up on Wednesday's city council meeting.

Wingfield Towers Wants to Extend Final Map Recording by 5 Years
G.2 Staff Report: Case No. LDC11-00014 (Wingfield Towers) Request to amend Condition of Approval No. 2 for LDC06-00321 (Wingfield Towers) to extend the time in which to record the first final map by five years from November 15, 2010 to November 15, 2015 and to allow the remaining two phases to be recorded in accordance with the time limits contained in state law. The project consists of a 499 unit residential condominium subdivision and ±39,790 square feet of office/retail space. The ±1.36 acre site is located on the south side of Island Avenue, ±200 feet east of Arlington Avenue and north of Court Street in the MU/DRRC (Mixed Use/Downtown Reno Regional Center Plan) zones. [Ward 1]
Note: The staff report indicates recommending only giving a ONE YEAR extension, not a five year extension.
Personal Note: Guess they haven't received the virtual memo about downtown! Over the years since this project was introduced, I've come to realize there's no way in hell downtown can support a project this size....possibly ever.

SK Baseball to Use Recovery Zone Facility Bonds

G.3 Staff Report: Resolution No. A Resolution authorizing the issuance and sale of not to exceed $11,000,000 principal amount of City of Reno, Nevada, Economic Development Revenue Bonds (Nevada Land LLC and SK Baseball Holdings LLC) Series 2010 (taxable Recovery Zone Facility Bonds) to finance a portion of the cost of a commercial enterprise; making determinations as to the sufficiency of revenues and as to other matters related to such project and such bonds; delegating to City officials the authority to execute and deliver the bond purchase contract and to determine certain final terms of such bonds; authorizing the execution and delivery by the City of a loan agreement, an indenture of trust, a purchase contract, the bonds, and closing documents in connection therewith; and ratifying all actions heretofore taken toward the issuance and sale of the bonds.

Virginia Street Bridge Replacement Design
Staff Report: Approval of an Interlocal Agreement with Washoe County for Financing of Design and Environmental Permitting for Replacement of the Virginia Street Bridge over the Truckee River in the amount of $1,800,000. (Washoe County 1/8 cent sales tax dedicated to Truckee River Flood Project)
D.8 Staff Report: Approval of a Consultant Agreement with Jacobs Engineering for Design Services for the Virginia Street Bridge Replacement Project in an amount not to exceed $1,791,000 (Flood Project - Washoe County 1/8 cent sales tax dedicated for Truckee River Flood Project).
Personal Note: Didn't we just go through all of this and see bridge designs?

What to do With the Old Citicenter?
L.4 Discussion and potential direction to staff regarding Citi Center. D. Aiazzi

Mill Street
L.5 Discussion and potential direction to staff regarding the Mill Street Alignment between Center and Lake Streets.


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Posted by: doogus - 11/5/2010 6:40:06 PM
http://REreno.com is reporting that the city wants to take back the block of Mill Street that they gave to the Siena. I'm all for it!

Posted by: Anakin-Marc - 11/5/2010 9:12:46 PM
The city should have never given that block to Sienna in the first place. They should have mandated that the Sienna build a parking structure, even if only 2 levels. That would have provided more than enough parking (though I don't know if the Sienna ever managed to even fill up their existing lot), and would not have messed up the traffic flow as abandonment has.


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