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Downtown Construction - Various Tidbits

- Things are moving along nicely in east downtown. Construction photos below.

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  • 4th Street Transit Station
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- Alcohol Advisory Committee - The council voted today to form an Alcohol Advisory Committee to brainstorm on solutions for downtown as downtown struggles to find a happy medium between entertainment district and neighborhood. You can see my previous post here.

- City of Reno creates 265 Jobs - The City of Reno will be creating or preserving 256 jobs using funds made available through the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act of 2009. Some highlights of the job creation include 10 new police officers and 220 jobs created or preserved through new energy saving projects. A breakdown of the funding and job creation through federal stimulus funding is as follows: The Energy Efficiency Community Block Grant program provided $2,142,800 to the City of Reno. So far this newly created program by the U.S. Department of Energy will create or preserve 220 jobs in Reno. The program provides funding for a broad variety of energy projects and retrofits for government-owned facilities. The City of Reno is leveraging this stimulus money with three other types of funding to implement approximately $20 million in energy projects. The cost of the projects will be paid for by the cost savings the retrofits will provide. Community Oriented Policing funding is provided through the U.S. Department of Justice. The $2,692,960 the City of Reno received will be used to hire 10 new sworn police officers for the next three years.

- Investment Firm To Occupy 2nd Floor Palladio Building - An investment firm plans on occupying the entire 2nd-floor office 7,000 sf space in Palladio.


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Posted by: Anakin-Marc - 11/29/2009 9:58:09 PM
Is the Golden Eagle Land Exchange the same project as Tessera, or are these two different projects?

Posted by: lakescrossing - 11/30/2009 12:11:10 PM
If you've lived downtown for a while, it is actually safer down there, and there were just as many drunkards swaggering out of all the casinos, Comstock, Ed's Fab 50's, Harold's, Fitz, yeah, they're all closed now. You count the number of bars in these casinos that closed and compare them to the number of new bars that have opened in the last four years and I think they're about the same. If you just moved downtown, I think you're just angry that you bought a $300K 1 bedroom condo that's worth $150K now and that's what's keeping you awake not the party people. There have always been loud, party, drunks in Reno at all times of the night. You should have figured that out before moving downtown. Trust me, it is safer now downtown. Quit beating up on the bars and clubs, they bring life to downtown and they go belly up, the vagrants, drug dealers, and drug addicts will return, squatting and shooting drugs in empty buildings. Hmmm, loud party girls or armed drug users and dealers? Your choice. Imagine downtown Reno minus all the new bars and clubs that have opened in the last four years. With all the closed casinos, downtown would be a ghost town. Give the bars and clubs a break and enforce existing laws against the few bars that create 70% of the problems.