Burned Apt Demo in the Wells Avenue Conservation District

by Mike Van Houten / Dec 27, 2012

West of Wells Demo and Rehab

What is easily one of the biggest eyesores in the Wells Avenue Conservation District will be receiving a breath of fresh air, as a partial demo permit was issued for the property, AND the property was just sold to the City of Reno with the intention of it becoming senior housing.

Wells Avenue COnservation District Demo

The property at 435 Moran was purchased by the City of Reno on December 17 for $143,550.

When the demo occurs, only the exterior walls will remain intact, because the surrounding area has since been down-zoned and 8 units or even 5 units would not be possible to rebuild on this property due to the new zoning.

In order to receive the neighborhood stabilization program HUD grant, several strict criteria must be met, including the property must be vacant completely, and must have a minimum of five units, hence the partial demo.

The folks who will run the senior mini-complex already operates a top-notch facility in South Reno, I believe Silver Sage Community, but don't quote me on that, I just know the word Sage is involved and that's the only one I could find in Reno.

The property at 435 Moran has been a burned out shell ever since I moved into the neighborhood in 2003. Various problems have plagued the block the property resides on through the years, including vagrants breaking in and holding up inside, severe drops in surrounding property values, neighbors who ended up moving solely because this property was next to them, etc.

To say I am excited about this property finally being rehabbed is a gross understatement!

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