I just received word that the Artown organization has acquired the property title and all rights to the Lear Theater and the little house next to it. This just happened today, and their vision is to remove the theater concept, and turn it into a community art center, and then move their offices into the smaller home that came with the Lear Theater. From what I gather, the board basically voted to give Artown the property. This is great news! Anyone familiar with the project knows the prior board was practically defunct, and fundraising efforts had tapered off. Can't wait to see what happens with this development! The building needs some work still, including HVAC and possibly sprinklers...but Artown is committed to reopening the Lear as a community art center as quick as possible. Perhaps 2012 or 2013? Would be a big improvement over the last estimated completion date from Lear's prior board, which I think was 6 years from now.