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Knitting Factory Construction Tour

Below you can check out some construction pictures of Knitting Factory! This is the first of several construction updates planned for this concert house in the former Rocky's space on Virginia Street between 2nd Street and Commercial Row. The venue is really coming together. It features three floors of public spaces, including an all-ages lounge, a 21+ lounge, and the main concert hall. There won't be any gaming/gambling at this facility, and the venue will only be open when a concert is actually happening. It's designed to get people in for the concert, then get people out afterward, and will be collaborating with outfits like 210 North to orchestrate 'afterparties' for the Knitting Factory shows. This will help minimize/eliminate problems related to alcohol and crime when a concert is over. There won't be a lot of loitering at the Knitting Factory.

The dressing rooms, showers for artists, staging area and an all-ages lounge are located in the basement, the main stage and concert hall on the ground level, and then a 21+ lounge plus VIP seating on the upper deck, which overlooks the main stage. There is also a full industrial-strength kitchen as well for food service.

As I was getting a tour, a woman dropped off what must have been dozens of demo cd's of local bands. Knitting Factory general manager Dean Hanson mentioned they are excited to feature local bands as well as regional bands from the west coast.

Check out the pictures by clicking below. To see all the pictures in a slideshow format, simply click the first thumbnail below and the rest will auto-play. Each picture has a caption. Thanks for the tour Dean! Jessica Jones from the City of Reno also went with me on the tour. We were both impressed with the project!

  • Artist Dressing Room / Prep Area
  • Artist Dressing Room / Prep Area
  • Hallway
  • Underground Lounge
  • Underground Lounge
  • Lounge restooms
  • Main Stage
  • Main Stage
  • Main Stage
  • Main Stage
  • Audience Area
  • Walking up VIP Stairs to Upper Deck
  • VIP Seating - Upper Deck
  • VIP Seating
  • View of Stage Area from Upper Deck
  • Main Bar
  • Main Bar
  • Upper Deck Lounge
  • Main Restooms
  • Main Restrooms
  • Concert Hall Overview
  • Ticket Booth


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Posted by: Wiley_n_Reno - 12/5/2009 7:50:08 AM
The Knitting Factory concert venue will be great! They obviously know what they're doing. The evolution continues.

Posted by: Mark W. - 12/6/2009 12:55:46 PM
Finally a professionally-executed alternative to the cesspool that is New Oasis. This is looking awesome. Thanks for the update!


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