Hard Hat Tour: 1401 Midtown

by Mike Van Houten / May 18, 2016

Check out a photo tour of 1401 Midtown from the inside out, and see why Bristlecone Holdings will have the newest 'it' office in the city. Let's begin!

Bristlecone Holdings' new office will be two levels, totalling over 12,000 square feet, according to architect Mike McGonagle.

This is the front section of Bristlecone Holdings office. You're looking toward Virginia Street in this photo. The interior is being designed and furnished by Henrikson Butler. Yeah, it will look sick. 

Bristlecone Holdings

Stremmel Gallery is across the street.

Cool windows.

Both the lower and upper level shown here in Bristlecone Holdings.

Bristlecone Holdings, upper level. Those three windows to the right overlook the large first-floor open space shown in previous photos above. The upper level also features showers for those who bike to work, and meeting rooms.

Bristlecone Holdings

Bristlecone conference room has view of Mt. Rose.

The old bank vault (this used to be Heritage Bank) still has the vault door on it, and will likely be a conference room from what  I'm told.

This section will be Michael and Sons. It's big. Huuuuuuge. This photo doesn't do it justice. I could barely fit the whole space in a pan photo. This will be one of, if not THE, largest independent jewelry store in Reno. Behind the steel framing you see in the foreground, is the employee area. In the background where you see the bright windows and door opening, is Virginia Street.

The Virginia-Street-facing side fo Michael and Sons.

Michael and Sons will feature a large fireplace. Fancy!

Morgan's Lobster Shack faces the opposite direction in the building, toward the rear, but still has a Virginia  Street entrance. The dining area is to the rear of the building where there's a large outdoor patio, shown below. In this photo, you're looking out toward the dining area in the rear of the building.

The 'front' of Morgan's Lobster Shack is on the right side of the photo above, and opens up to a large patio area, which takes up the rest of the photo.

Back inside, this section of the upper level, which sits above Morgan's Lobster Shack, is not yet leased. Want it? Incredible views of Mt. Rose in the background.

This whole front section of the upper level is also Bristlcone Holdings, including the rootop deck on the right side of the photo, also shown below.

Roof-top open-air deck for Bristlecone Holdings.

There you have it! Three very cool businesses taking up 90% of the building.


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