Pizano's Pizza

I will miss the Hop in downtown Reno. I frequented the retro-style ice cream shop on Sierra Street often in the summer. But alas winter hit, and with the exception of corporate staples like Coldstone Creamery, I have yet to see a local ice cream shop/smoothie shop survive downtown/ Midtown. The Hop joins Beyond Juice and the recently-closed little ice cream shop on Wells Avenue as shops that have had difficulty surviving winter.
On the upside, there's already something new being built in the space! Pizano's Pizza will join the downtown pie club which includes Noble Pie Parlor, Reno Pizza and of course, Campo.

Reef on the River

Could this be where Reef Sushi and Sake Bar is going, in the Palladio? I walked by today and noticed the door open and work being done on the inside of the former Urban Beats/Spread Peace cafe space.

A Good Spot for a Sierra Tap House Expansion?

Speaking of ice cream shops that have recently met a cold icy ending, my beloved Truckee River Eats And Sweets closed a while back. With all the windows and door papered-over, it's a sign there might be some kind of work going on inside. Would be a great space for a Sierra Tap House expansion hmmm?

Marmot Offices

The Marmot Companies recently finished a massive renovation of two square blocks of properties encompassing Sinclair, Holcomb, Moran, and Stewart Streets, including a totally redone 8-plex on Sinclair. Two close friends of mine just moved into that 8-plex, and the apartments are really nice.

Now they plan to move their headquarters to the building pictured above, giving it a fresh paint job and landscaping. I can't wait to see the end result! I walk by this property near-daily on my trek to Dreamers or the Hub.