So it looks like the secret is out! Channel 8 beat me to the punch, and is reporting about CommRow, the new project that will be launched in the former Fitzgerald's property. They found out the info from somehow getting hold of city documents, presumably the Planning Commission staff report. I was waiting for the meeting docs to get posted to put the info on here, but never thought of actually requesting them from the city. Smart move, Terri!

One thing I love about Facebook, is that it's almost a necessity for any business to do. I poked around on Facebook, typed the name in, and found a business page for CommRow!

It has all sorts of images, check them out below. From what I can tell the exterior of the building is remaining pretty much the same except for a giant climbing wall going up the side of the building! Looks like all those green vertical neon pillars will be blue, or blue green, and exterior decks on both sides of the building. The rendering below shows the marquees on the building still, with two new exterior decks extending out over the sidewalks. This could really breathe some new life into the area around the arch.

The info section of their fan page says 'The first phase of this proposed development will transform the former Fitzgerald Hotel and Casino into a non-gaming, non-smoking, pet friendly, no frills chic hotel. Renamed CommRow, the 60,000 square foot complex will feature the world's tallest climbing wall, a world-class 7,000 square foot indoor bouldering park, two live entertainment venues and eleven high designed food and beverage vignettes."

The one pic of the wall below looks INSANE, with the wall actually going beyond vertical as it acends up the side of the tower. Keep in mind, renderings are just renderings, but at the same point in time the Montage turned out looking exactly like it looked in the renderings.