Hello! Sorry for the lack of updates the past month. It's been a rough one with my mom passing away. As things slide back into normality, I decided to take the dogs out for a walk on Center Street, also briefly stopping by the lofts being built on Stewart Street. Check them out below!

What used to be a swinger's bar at 1099 South Virginia Street is rumored to be the future home of Chapel Tavern, moving into what is the center of Midtown. With this and the Zephyr Bar's shocking remodel, the South Virignia Street corridor is quickly losing its dive bar corridor status.

Construction continuing on Holcomb and Burns, converting it from a five-way intersection to a four-way stop. Under the tarp is newly poured concrete street, and where you see dirt is the open space gained by the project. Junkee's Clothing Exchange is in the background.

A better shot of the new westbound lane of Burn's Street, and the RTC RAPID stop under construction in the background. You can also see new sidewalk on the west side of Holcomb, with a bumpout for landscaping.

A shot of the new RTC RAPID bus stop.

Looking north on South Center Street with Brasserie St. James on the left.

The unique architecture of Brasserie St. James is further enhanced by new stucco walls and windows.

A peek into history....

New windows and stucco at Brasserie St. James on Center Street.

Newly painted bungalow next to the GuiDenby building.

One of the many cute bungalows on Center Street.

Missing a roof! Not sure what's going on here on Holcomb Avenue, but this building is completely missing its roof and roof support beams etc.

The loft duplex project on Stewart Street between Holcomb and Wheeler is looking sweet. The building is smaller, allowing for sizeable backyard space for both units, and as with Townhouses at Holcomb Place, these units have actual lofts.