Hello downtowners, midtowners and readers from afar. Check out some rendering examples of one of the 17 buildings, and a site map of the Thoma project! Unless you've been to one of the Midtown mixers or know the Carter Bros., this is probably the first time you'll see how the buildings will be arranged in the project, and the contemporary architecture they will entail. These are preliminary renderings of course, and just architectural examples, and more often than not projects are tweaked and changed during the process.....but it does give us an idea of the modern approach they are taking with the buildings. These were initially released at the Midtown Mixer at Craft last week. Attendees were also treated to the same fly-through video that Bernie and Tim showed me last year.

The Carter Bros. have been very cautious to release their plans to the media and genera public because of what I'll call the 'Wingfield Towers Syndrome,' where lots of glitzy promises were made by developers that never came to fruition and basically made the developers look like idiots.

This project, however is actually happening, and building plans for the first building were submitted to the City last week and if all goes well, plans for the second building should be submitted this week. Vertical construction should begin soon.