JB Mapes To Reopen Downtown

Looks like JB Mapes is returning after all. I heard a lot of rumors they were gone for good, but that's not the case at all as evidenced by their two new signs posted on the exterior of the transforming space. It will be interesting to see what they do with the interior.

New Construction on Stewart Between Wheeler and Holcomb

Perhaps a twin to the recently built duplex next door to this vacant lot? In any case, very stoked that something is going in the lot that was mostly overgrown weeds since 2003, when I first moved to the neighborhood.

La Terre Verte Moved to Dharma Books' Old Space

Downtown's only eco-chic boutique moved from Arlington Towers to First Street near Sierra, where Dharma Books recently vacated. I am unsure if the boutique will be taking up both spaces like Dharma had, but the other space does say 'coming soon...' so if it's not the boutique, then something else will be occupying the other Dharma space.