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Boulevard South Goes South?

One thing I cherish in life are my tipsters. Mr. Mike over at Reno Realty Blog is the King of dirt digging, and I don't mean catepillars and bulldozers.

Remember Boulevard South?  It was one of the hottest discussions ever on this site, producing a lot of controversy regarding traffic, density, location, and the fact it wasn't downtown. The project included condos, retail, retirement community, and lofts on a massive plot of land by South Meadows Parkway.

According to tipster Mike, MT 3 Partners LLC received a $7,350,000 NOD on their land purchase today, on a missed 2009 payment.  They apparently haven't paid on their land purchase in a while.  

None of the residential was started, but MT 3 was building a Four Points Sheraton.  Not sure if that is still going. It's been a while since I've been down that way, has there been construction on that land at all?

They were moving ahead with Bordeaux at Boulevard South (or at the Lake), an upscale retirement community. There seem to be liens against the project already. Nothing comes up in Google for Boulevard South or Bordeaux. I am assuming at this point funding can't be secured. That doesn't always mean the end for a project. Heck, Wingfield Towers is still out there trying to push that project.


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Posted by: Matt - 4/20/2010 7:37:16 PM
Mike, Im out there almost always and no construction, that I can see, has been started on anything. I keep actively watching and see nothing, I dont think it's going to happen but you never know.


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