Over the weekend I had a chance to have lunch at Siena's Riverview Cafe with two fellow business colleagues. Click any of my photo thumbnails below to launch the gallery and check out the interior.

Regarding the new interior, I'll let my readers draw their own conclusions and then I'll chime in with my opinion. I want to hear what you guys have to say without influencing it.

I want to go back a couple more times before I post an official food review, I feel that's fair to the place being reviewed...to go two or three times and then take an average. Plus I had a simple burger, and it's pretty hard to mess up a simple burger. But I will tell you that the food on this visit was good. The french fries were out of this world, if you are a fries person, you definitely need to hit the Riverview Cafe up.

The menus are brand new, and the food was above standard-cafe fare. The service was fantastic. The employees were all very kind, helpful, and had energy and passion for the place they were working for. In other words, they seemed happy, which shows through to guests. Nothing worse than sitting in a restaurant overhearing employees gossip about how much they hate their jobs.

I definitely urge you to come down and try it out...the casino is less smoky, the food is much MUCH better.

And a friendly note to Siena management: Please, PLEASE don't play fabulous '50's music in a hotel/casino that's billed as 'boutique'. I walked into Riverview Cafe and nearly choked when I heard 'Whhhhhere the Boys Are' and 'Bird, the Bird, Bah Bah Bah Doing the Bird' songs completely ruining the luxury boutique environment you are striving to achieve. That would be my only complaint thus far.

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