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Check out West of Wells, the web site for the historic area west of Wells Avenue and east of Holcomb Ave just south of downtown Reno. You will find some great reads and goodies within the content regarding the history of one of Reno's oldest neighborhoods, and the only neighborhood in Reno developed for the working class back in the early 1900's.

Consider it downtownmakeover's little sister site, meant to draw public awareness about a neighborhood with one of the lowest commercial vacancy rates in the central city, and a neighborhood with one of the lowest foreclosure rates in the city, not to mention affordable housing. Contrary to the assumptions made by some of my readers, I actually live on the edge of this neighborhood, about a three-minute walk from downtown.

What's great about this neighborhood? Creative, social people who have a bit more of a city-vibe to them. We care enough about this neighborhood that we formed our own group, started our own neighborhood watch, and I created a web site to centralize news, events, and tidbits about our neighborhood. Neighborhood residents take the time to write up the content and do the newsletter and post articles, neighborhood pride at its best!



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