Downtown has been home to some amazing art installations, many of them interactive, and many of them putting other art-centric cities to shame. Past art included The Spire of Fire, the giant book with metal pages, and now "Before I Die" will take residence next to the Riverside Artists Lofts.

Chang's Before I Die consists of murals that are approximately 40 feet wide by eight feet tall. Walls are painted with black chalkboard paint. Stenciled on the walls is the phrase “Before I Die I want to __________,” dozens of times. Using the chalk provided, people may write in their response to the prompt. The resulting completed phrases vary greatly, reflecting the diversity of the participating individuals. The phrases are playful, somber, hopeful, healing, joyful, introspective, humorous, moving, and everywhere in between, but all hold the commonality of poignant honesty.

“This is the sixth art installation to come to Reno through the collaboration of the Civic Art Program of the Black Rock Arts Foundation, the affiliate non-profit art organization of Burning Man, and The City of Reno Arts and Culture Commission. Through their funding, generous support by the Sierra Arts Foundation and collaborations with the Nevada Museum of Art and the Black Rock Design Institute, Before I Die… supports the mission of the Reno Arts program to involve its citizens in the community’s cultural life and encourage artistic excellence,” said Maria Partridge, Reno project liaison for BRAF and Advisory board member.

“We believe the exhibition of Before I Die… in two different locations in downtown Reno will serve the community by enhancing civic space through the temporary transformation of a chain link fence into an interactive community art project.” said Crimson Rose, Board Member for the Black Rock Arts Foundation and Art Director for Burning Man.

One location will be at the McKinley Arts Center, the other downtown.

Would you like to learn more about the project and meet the artist and talk about her project directly? Candy Chang will talk to a public audience at the Nevada Museum of Art about her work, her life experiences, and the meaning of the project. The lecture will be tailored specifically to the audience to the Nevada Museum of Art, and to the themes emphasized at the Center for Art and Environment.

Black Rock Arts Foundation and Black Rock Design Institute Presents:

Candy Chang Before I Die…
May 17, 2012, 5:00 P.M – 7:00 P.M.
Nevada Museum of Art
160 West Liberty Street
Reno, NV 89501

To purchase tickets, and for more information about the event, visit