Permit Bullpen

Various permits pulled the past two weeks for construction in downtown and midtown.

-        490 Center Discovery Museum - $218,000 remodel

-        539 Riverside - $606,000 addition to the Egan property being remodeled.

-        Grand Sierra Resort - $12,000 permit for cabanas

-        Great Basin Co-op – $7,500 remodel permit - Possibly for cafe?

-        Auto Museum - $23,200 re roofing permit

-        219 W Arroyo - $16,898 garage

-        701 South Virginia (Coco Boom) - $1200 signage

-        743 South VIrginia (Little Bangla?) - $1200 signage

-        $1940 fence permit for FedEx / Newman’s on California.

-        $250,000 Tenant Improvement permit for a bar at the Eldorado, 345 North Virginia

-        $31,000 - Tennat Improvement for 701 South Virginia (CoCo Boom Building)

-        $3000 remodel permit for CommRow.

-        $800 signage permit for 215 S Sierra. 

-        $3580 signage permit for 135 N Sierra

Heritage Museum To Be Located in Amtrak Building Downtown

The HIstoric Resources Commission and City Staff have been working together to find a location for a heritage museum downtown, and they have now found it, inside the Amtrak Station downtown on the lower level. The Amtrak Depot already contains a mini museum full of artifacts that were excavated during the digging of the train trench, the depot itself is a beautiful building which is on the National Register of Historic Places, and the historic WCTU fountain is located in the lower level of the depot. The WCTU in case you don't know, is the Women's Christian Temperance Union which was a women's group that was monumental in getting prohibition passed. They donated the fountain to the City of Reno around 1910 (?) where it sat on the corner of Virginia and Commercial Row I think until the 1920's when it was moved to Idlewild Park in front of the California Building. The WCTU donated the fountain to Reno so that men could get a drink of water without having to enter a saloon. There were also water basins for horses and dogs on the fountain. It has been restored and if you haven't seen it, it is a sight to behold. I am personally excited for the heritage museum to occupy such an historic building already full of other heritage type artifacts.

Entertainment Blocks Where No One Has Fun

There is a significant difference in how the various areas of downtown and midtown have developed. Check out this fascinating read about single entittes developing multi-block projects, which also lists some well-known 'master-planned' entertainment districts in various cities that have fallen short of expectations. Click here for the Full Article.