ReTRAC Enhancement Project

The City received an FY 2008 earmark in the amount of $490,000 and a FY 2009 earmark in the amount of $522,500, for a total of $1,012,500, from the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) to be administered through the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) for enhancements in the ReTRAC project area. There are three sources for these earmarks:
 $490,000 through the 2008 Surface Transportation Program (STP)
 $237,500 through the 2009 STP
 $285,000 through the 2009 Transportation, Community and Systems Preservation
Since June 2010, City staff has been working with NDOT staff and the selected consultants, Design Workshop, on developing the project elements within an approved timeline so that the funds would be expended prior to their expiration on December 31, 2013. Here is the plan!

The proposed improvements for priority area #1 include new sidewalks, lighting and street trees, per the City’s approved design standards, on the north side of E. Second Street between Lake and Evans and the west side of Evans between E. Second Street and Commercial Row. Priority #1 will also include improvements, e.g. lighting, signage and paving, to the alley between Evans and Lake. Funds permitting, priorities #2 - #4 will be addressed. Priority #2 will include new sidewalks, lighting and street trees on both sides of Lake Street between E. Second and Commercial Row. Priority #3 will include fencing and lighting along Plaza Street and the north side of the ReTRAC trench, beneath the National Bowling Stadium. Priority #4 will be lighting at the CitiCenter site.
An element of priority #1 will be the installation of new wayfaring signage which ties to existing signage at various downtown Reno intervals south and west of the project area (right). The new signage will be installed at strategic locations within the ReTRAC project area so that pedestrians can more easily “navigate” among various circulator stops east of Virginia Street, including the parking garage between Virginia and Sierra, the Amtrak Station between Center and Lake, the Fourth Street Transit Station between Lake and Evans, the Aces Ballpark on Evans, the National Bowling Stadium between Center and Lake, the Downtown Events Center between Center and Lake, the Downtown Ballroom between Virginia and Center, the Harrah’s Plaza adjacent to Virginia and Commercial Row, CitiCenter, and the future Reno Heritage Center.

Death & Taxes, Rise and Cutting Edge Catering

Midtown Eats new midtown adventure named Death & Taxes, to be located at 30 Cheney Street is on the agenda today for a new alcohol license. Equally exciting is Cutting Edge Catering making a downtown appearance at 160 West Liberty, and Rise Nightclub located at 210 North Sierra, applying for a cabaret license in today's city council meeting.

Urban Farming

The City Council will discuss making changes to Title 18 to allow for urban farming.