The Bundox site located on Second and Lake has been purchased! This property has an interesting history to it. When I first moved to Reno, the property still had the closed motel that fronted the river. Soon after I moved here it was demolished.

Then this came along:

I was so in love with that tower, even if it was totally not feasible for downtown Reno. The housing market tanked and converted the project into this:

But ultimately, we ended up with this when the property went back to the bank:

However during that process, a sales office was half-constructed on the corner of 2nd and Lake that looks like a museum or gallery from the outside, but is still hollow on the inside.

I covered the early history of this project here.

So, I am fairly excited someone new scooped up the property from the bank. The company who bought is associated with Herb Simon, who is associated with the Reno Aces.  I'm eager to see what he has plans for the property. It could be anything from a couple of restaurant spaces to a multi-level gorgeous retail facility to a nice flat VIP parking lot. Or maybe a 40-story glass tower designed by award-winning world-renowned so-and-so architect.

My guess is, it will utilize the river in a creative and public-use type of way, because otherwise it would face a lot of opposition from the city council and planning commission. I remember a point in time late in the game either right before or right after it went to the bank, where just a few restaurant spaces were planned for this property, seen here:

(I have no idea where that rendering came from, I just noticed it was something I had reported on previously on this blog. So, if you own it and want me to remove it let me know)

Anyway, something of that scale would seem more realistic for this property. What are your thoughts?