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Memorial Toast for 5 Star Founder

How many bars in Reno can you say have been around for 20 years? That's over half my life span. The 5 Star Saloon is one of those bars. Located downtown on West Street, I think it started originally as a gay bar, but in recent years draws mixed crowds in an 'everyone is welcome' atmosphere. This is due in part to the 5 Star's participation in beer crawls and wine walks, and also because it's a relaxed atmosphere with little crime/problems, usually no cover unless it's a special event, and a non-intimidating friendly crowd, something hard to find in the bar/lounge scene these days.

Well, it comes as a great regret to inform you of the passing of the founder of the 5 Star Saloon.  His legacy still stands strong today as the 5 Star continues to promote acceptance and tolerance in the community. Please join the Five Star crew Wednesday, June 2nd at 7pm for a Memorial Toast; they will be celebrating Bill’s love of the art of Bonsai in their toast.


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