Construction / Permit for 10 North Virginia

I heard through the rumor mill something big and permanent was planned for the southwest corner of the 10 North Virginia plaza in front of city hall. There is a $15,000 structural foundation permit for the property. Something art-oriented perhaps?

Improvements for Riverboat/ Longs Drugs / Whatever Building?

Here is something interesting, a $15,000 remodel for the Riverboat building (34 West 2nd Street) and some kind of facade improvement along Sierra Street. Perhaps someone leased the building and this is a tenant improvement? Or it could be something more procedural like getting the building up to code.

Nevada Discovery Museum Expansion

Nevada Discovery Museum is up to something,, though I am not sure what. The southwest corner of the building is being remodeled, and there's $218,000 construction permit to support some kind of big expansion.