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- Nevada Discovery Museum - Things seem to be in motion for Nevada Discovery Museum. Three clues: In next Wednesday's City Council Meeting, they are asking for approval of a Reciprocal Access Easement between the Nevada Discovery Museum and the City of Reno. That's usually something settled before construction begins. Then on the Special Events Subcommittee Meeting August 17, one of the event applications is called 'Nevada Discovery Museum Lift Off Celebration'. The third clue is they moved out of the construction trailer they were using as an office into a real office located on Stewart Street near Virginia Street.
- Speaking of event applications, there are a few other cool sounding events on tap applying for special events permits, including 'Metropolypse Now – Reno Decompression 2010', 'Club Cal Neva’s Red Dress Run', and the 'Holidoozie Parade'.
- Some other interesting city council items include: Acceptance of a Landscape and Aesthetics Community Matching Program Grant from the Nevada Department of Transportation for gateway improvements to the Virginia, Sierra and Center Street bridges over Interstate 80 for up to $249,050. Sounds like the bridges may be getting a few improvements to look more aesthetically pleasing!
- There is a Public Art meeting on August 18, and there's a few goodies in it for downtown, including Public Art Challenge Grant Request From the Holland Project and Freeman’s National Hot Dogs to place a bike rack created by an artist in front of the Store on California Avenue, a new Temporary Public Art Sculptural Installation Program on Riverside Drive, and figuring out what to do with that silly Taba Turbine of Doom that was installed at the Convention Center but ended up being something resembling a Saw Movie trap in high wind speeds. Why can't it be repurposed into a wind turbine to generate electricity downtown? Sounds like a good idea to me.
- Interested in downtown crime stats? Have any questions for the dedicated downtown police crew? Wondering what's going on downtown late at night after you go to sleep? Come out to the Downtown Police Tax District advisory Committee on August 18. Click here for Agenda.



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Posted by: Devin S - 8/14/2010 11:15:23 AM
Cool. What's the project for the bridges over I-80?


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