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Big Changes Coming for CommRow

Property to expand to encompass Commercial Row, Virginia Street, Sierra Street

CommRow announced to RGJ and News 2 that a $10 million expansion/renovation will happen between now and Spring 2013. In the news releases, General Manager Dean Hansen alluded heavily to a name change, which aligns with the recent rumors I've been hearing that the new name could be 'Altitude'. Here's the breakdown:

- The previous plan of opening only 110 rooms of the hotel has changed to opening 352 rooms of the hotel. That seems like a wise move.

- The closed Golden Phoenix casino fronting Virginia Street directly next to CommRow will be renovated back into a casino/sportsbook. The timeline for this is primarily driven by the gaming license which becomes invalid in 2013 if not actively utilized. In my opinion an active casino again on Virginia Street will serve a dual purpose....it will be a big step in revitalizing our faded entertainment 'strip' along Virginia Street between 1st and 4th Streets, and it will also send a message that gambling is not entirely dead in Nevada....which it's not.

- Renovating the Old Reno Casino/Masonic buildings into restaurants.

- Renovating the backside of the closed Golden Phoenix Casino (Sierra Street side) into meeting spaces.

- Possibly building skyways to connect CommRow to the casino and meeting spaces over Douglas Alley.



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Posted by: Reno Fan - 8/17/2012 12:40:53 PM
Ok, now we are talking. I was up last week and spent most of the time in Mid-Town. My father joined me and could not believe what had happened to the downtown corridor. I keep in mind that his last trip was in the 1990 and he remembers the hay days of the 60's and 70's. And yes, gaming is not dead in N-Nevada. Would rather have a mix of casinos, lounges and eateries in walking distance than a stand-alone tribal casino in the middle of no where.


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