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Slice of the Peak - Serving Up Yummy Goodness

So two friends are adopting a kid, and tonight was our last hurrah before they get the kid, so we decided to go down to the Freight House for some drinks and food. Unfortunately for our ears, it was Karaoke night at the Freight House, and the singers were loud and bad. We also received really strange looks the moment we stepped on the upper deck, kind of like 'Who are you to invade our private party' type looks, so we were over it, and decided to head over to Slice of the Peak. I am soooo glad we did.

This was my first time in Slice of the Peak since they opened a week or so ago. It's Pizza-Parlor-industrial, with a giant all-metal ceiling fan over the main dining area, directional signs resembling street signs, and exposed duct work and piping along the ceiling.

The first thing to understand walking in is that there is no wait staff or servers. We were a bit confused as to what to do because there were no signs saying 'Order here', and no directions on if we should seat ourselves or what. After waiting a few minutes at the bar, we decided eh let's just seat ourselves and see what happens. Of course the moment we did, the bartender finished helping other customers and called us back over politely so we could order.

I ordered a slice of pepperoni pizza, my friends placed two orders of the chicken wings, thinking they weren't going to get many wings for $6. Whoops! Turned out the chicken wing baskets are quite large.

My friend Jim ordered a slice of cheese pizza and onion rings. We all had Red Roadsters, tall of course.

They use a pager/buzzer system here, even when there are only a few folks in the parlor, so make sure you grab your coaster buzzer after ordering. The staff here is very friendly, and was stoked to see a steady stream of people coming in and grabbing food/beer on a Thursday. Nearly everyone was sitting outside, probably to listen to the wondrous angelic voices wafting out of the Freight House. We chose to sit indoors.

The food at Slice of the Peak is really good. I am a pizza guy, and this pizza ranks up there with Amendment 21 and Blue Moon. I haven't tried Pie Face yet, that's this weekend. This is some good pizza, up there with Blue Moon and Amendment 21's pizzas. I love ordering pizza by the slice, and these are large slices. The chicken wing baskets are HUGE as well. One basket is a meal for one person at $6. The pizza slices are large too, and I felt like I got my money's worth for sure. I am not a very picky eater so it's probably futile for me to get into describing the food like Laura or Jonathan over at RGJ, but none of us had any complaints.

It's located right across the street from the Reno Aces ball park, on 2nd Street in the Park Center Tower. Stop in and grab a bite and a beer!



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Posted by: Mike D - 9/10/2010 1:35:46 PM
Thanks for the review! Hadn't even heard of the place but it definitely looks and sounds like one I would like to try!


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