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Montage Reno 50% Sold

Montage becomes downtown's premier condo property

Just a quickie announcement, the Montage today has arrived at the 50% sold mark, a milestone for this amazing building. They also have 14 units in contract that are set to close this month alone.

Here's a great article in NNBW about downtown condo sales. Though it took a bit longer than expected, downtown is truly becoming a neighborhood.



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Posted by: CJ - 8/7/2012 6:41:45 PM
It's nice to have some more neighbors in the building. It felt like a ghost town when I first moved in almost two years ago.

Posted by: Wiley_n_Reno - 9/3/2012 9:32:04 PM
Wow! a month off? hope Mike is OK, and.or all is allright. In the meantime here are 2 picture links from UNR's big football win sept. 1 at Cal. https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-1U4t4ozd82E/UETHRqxuWkI/AAAAAAAAAcY/6EGNNgm0e10/s640/IMG_20120901_130527.jpg and.. https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-C0zxC_EGF-Y/UES-4IWJIcI/AAAAAAAAAb0/1MReHOXBFbE/s640/IMG_20120901_153459.jpg

Posted by: Knowing - 9/5/2012 12:46:09 PM
Yeah - the absence of Mike has reached the point of painful. I hadn't realized how much I have become dependent on this website!

Posted by: DowntownMakeoverDude - 9/5/2012 1:19:11 PM
I wish it was a month off! lol...I just posted a new snippet. I didn't get bored or burnt out, I had to do my own little makeover and replace nearly all of my old sewer line from under the house to almost where it connects to the city...fun! I now have a destroyed yard, but new plastic sewer pipes instead of clay-like metal. I don't know what the old material was but it had completely collapsed, flooding my basement with 2 inches of water. That, and I went to Burning Man which I had to simultaneously get ready for while dealing with the pipes. It was quite the process with both.


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