Given all the details released about the project during the Midtown Art Walk (they had representatives on hand to give details about the project) I figure it was time to track down a source or two to get the skinny on what this project is actually going to be.

From the information gathered, the mystery MidTown project is most likely going to be a series of small retail spaces interconnected by a narrow meandering street between Center, Virginia, and Thoma, and will cross the alleyway that splits the property in the middle, though the alley will still exist and be incorporated. Each retail structure should be small, around 900 square feet or less, with some of them connecting to one another and some of them open air market of sorts. The architecture will pay homage to the old neighborhood that surrounds the project, with each structure being architecturally different than the other, thus breaking up any monotony or resemblance to a strip mall.

According to my source, and a few commenters back this up, the retail space lease asking rates will be priced to appeal to local small business owners.

The project will feature an unknown number of buildings on the lot, and from I am told, will be built in phases.

Of course, these are all rumors, but I tend to have a pretty good track record on this site so we'll see!

Good news for MidTown, which continues to be the epicenter of small independent businesses in Reno.