I remember right after the models for the Montage were completed and I photographed them for the first time, I was blown away by the interior design and finishes included with the product. Extra touches like corrugated steel finish over the kitchen ceiling and designer showers and sinks provided a nice modern palette from which to expand the interior. Coupled with views from every window, it reminded me of how I spent my late childhood years...in a high rise, in a downtown.

It was a long journey watching the building transform from a failed casino to a residential tower, and The Montage still holds the key to downtown's continuing transformation from exclusively tourism to a mixed-use neighborhood.

Despite a series of tense events for the Montage, including transfer of ownership back to Corus and ultimately to Starwood/FDIC, the condos are still selling. 67 so far with more on the way. It may not sound like much, but considering the building currently offers zero financing options and the buyers are paying all-cash, it's somewhat impressive. One of my workmates, Larry Devincenzi who authors the Smartbrand Blog (a great marketing and branding focused blog) is working on an in-depth post on the human side of the Montage...the folks living there, the lifestyle they live, the successful alignment of the building and the branding, and the fact that the Montage more than lived up to its promise of offering an urban downtown lifestyle, even in Reno.

So I will focus on the beauty of this building , and in particular, an interior design firm playing an integral role in the Montage's continuing transformation.

Aspen Leaf Interiors, helmed by Betty Scott and Marcio Decker, has transformed four Montage residences into modern masterpieces that complements the building seamlessly, building upon the architecturally sleek palette that L3 Development so painstakingly sought through to completion.

What's most impressive about Marcio and Betty's interior designs is that they vary wildly from unit to unit within the Montage, building the spaces out to fit the owners' personalities. I had a chance to walk through two of these residences recently, and the interiors are truly stunning, complementing both the Montage as a whole and the owners themselves. Even though the Craftsman and arts and crafts Bungalow movments of the early 1900's is more my style of interior decor, I was taken back by how beautifully the interiors matched both the building, and the owners simultaneously. Now that's a good designer.

I invite you to check out the work they have done in the Montage, and if you happen to be moving into the Montage, consider Aspen Leaf Interiors to finish out your space. They seem to have a synergy with the building judging by the work they do. My favorite Aspen Leaf Montage makeover is the loft space. I love the rough concrete ceiling texture and chocolate and gray motifs.

And stay tuned for an upcoming co-post which will have interviews of Montage residents, what they think of downtown Reno, and why they have no regrets purchasing at the Montage. Yes, there are people moving downtown, and yes, they are happy :)