- Nevada Discovery Museum receives new exhibit built locally.

. Permits! - 764 SVA - $177,000 TI permit – - 515 SVA - $15,000 permit, antennas - Ponderosa Hotel - 267 Thoma - $500 gas line

- Marmot Properties Midtown assemblage transformations - See photos below. The new paint jobs, landscaping, and overall removal of bad tenants, ranging from the 8-plex-of-doom on Sinclair to the drag racers in the alley. When you up the bar of 20+ units in a concentrated two-block radius, it makes a noticeable difference. It has people in the neighborhood talking, and the improvement are infectious, as properties across the street from this assemblage are now improving their landscaping as well.


Dozen @ The Deluxe - There are some seriously cool creative people moving into HabeRae's newest project. Check out their page for some cool photos of the amazing 24-foot ceilings these puppies come with. Dozen @ the DeLuxe residences will also feature exposed steel trusses and wooden ceilings and a full second story loft with more than 300 square feet.

- Construction is under way at the Thoma/Virginia Street project across the street from Wedge, Dreamer's Dressed Like That etc.