First, before I get into permits, I realize it's been a month since my last post. No, I am not getting bored of running this site or covering downtown. I had to deal with a flooded basement, backed up sewer pipes, a complete sewer line replacement almost to the sidewalk (luckily no easement were needed), a destroyed front yard, and then Burning Man, my first time there since 1995, and it felt like it took a month to get ready for. The bright side is at least I have all-new sewer line running from under the house to almost where it connects to the city...right? They tell me that's a once-in-lifetime project, so I'll go with that thought, which takes a bit of the sting away. The old clay-like piping had completely collapsed, but was intact closer to sidewalk and street, which apparently saved me thousands of more dollars in easement costs.

Now, the permits! These are for the new project on the corner of Thoma and Virginia Street in Midtown.

-       BLD12-05567 – 760 SVA, 2 story restaurant and greenhouse, 2616 SF (1999 restaurant, 617 greenhouse), shell only with TI drawings to follow, value $297,308.

-       BLD12-05568 – 764 SVA, 1 story restaurant, 2216 SF, shell only with TI drawings to follow, value $215,498.