The Tonopah Lofts aren't the only lofts rising from the ground in Midtown. Marmot Properties' first from-scratch project has gone vertical on Caliente and is part of a 3-tier project that includes a swarm of new units and renovations.

130 Caliente is  a sweet new unit added to 128 Caliente with 10’ ceilings, 1 bedroom, 1.5 baths and office.  The existing 128 Caliente is also newly renovated and nice inside with a lot of original detail.  124/126 Caliente are 1 bedroom 1 bath with sleeping loft master bedroom additions to the existing duplex.  130.5 Caliente is the loft duplex pictured below.

If architect Mike McGonagle keeps up this pace, he'll out-loft even the Queens of lofts, Haberae, whose lofty portfolio includes Dozen @ Deluxe, 11 @ the Firehouse, 2 Cubes on Stewart and more.