This is one of downtown Reno's most infamous bar crawls next to the Santa Crawl, and the Zombie Crawl...well ok they are all infamous. Join your fellow citizens in ridding downtown of crime and evil. It's time to find the nearest phone booth or revolving door (good luck with that downtown) and transform yourself into the superhero that's aching to burst out of you.

The Reno Superhero Crawl starts at 8pm at the Biggest Little City Club at 188 California Ave and continues downtown to 16 other locations! Just $5 buys you a cup and map so you can enjoy $2-$3 specials, no cover to events and enter into contests (like sexiest superhero) to win cash and prizes!

You STILL haven't created your superhero costume? Stop by Junkee CLothing Exchange today, tomorrow or Saturday to get your costume gear. Jessica's great and found the perfect Steampunk outfit for a wedding last time I was in there.

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