As I reported here, the Hudson Project is firing back up, big time. Check out some construction photos of the neighborhood. 

Center Lodge

Center Lodge has been purchased! Allyson and Victor Rameker, owners of Desert Wind Homes, specialize in housing communities and infill, purchased the sad-looking building, which has been stripped of everything valuable and vandalized over and over the past year or so. Brian Egan, who helped sell the property, said work renovating the empty motel should start soon.

Pine Food and Spirits Building

The liquor store is now gone, as I reported here, and fencing has gone up around the property, indicating some future work should start soon. 

The Hudson Building

This historic building is getting the paint sandblasted off it, and a massive interior demolition is happening. Originally slated for lofts, I'm hearing it may become retail instead. 

Original brick exposed! No more brown paint. 

Brown paint still left on the east side of the building 

Interior of the Hudson Building currently. 

10 State Street

Speaking of tacky facade coming down, 10 State Street, an office building which 'I think' used to house some secret unmarked FBI offices, has been purchased and is being renovated as well, with the faux-stone facade on the first level being chipped off by construction workers. 

Pine Street Apartments

Brian has also been hard at work renovating the apartments on Pine Street, which you can check out the end results here.