Jacobs Entertainment has been dominating 4th Street with it’s purchases over the last couple of years. I’m excited to see what’s in store for this district.

Here’s a great summary of what they’ve been up to the last two years.

Jacobs Entertainment acquired the Gold Dust West in 2001, so we’ll leave that one out of the equation.

Overall, Jacobs owns 69 parcels encompassing 25 total acres with purchases, including the Sands Hotel Casino, exceeding $68 million. Of the 69 parcels owned, 23 of them have demolition permits associated with the parcel, resulting in 22 significant structure demolitions.
7 motels have been demolished, with another 5 that have no yet been slated for demolition. It’s rumored that the Courtyard Inn and Crest Inn will be demolished in the near future.

It’s rumored they may release their initial plans this month.

Most recently, they are working with the Public Works Dept to install a test light pole on 4th Street to evaluate aesthetics and performance for the future use of this style of lightpole throughout the Fountain District, which hints that the whole area will have a different look and feel than downtown and Midtown’s signature candy-cane lighting design standards.