Here in Reno, we often don't look toward our neighbors in the South for great redevelopment ideas...not that Vegas is a bad influence, it's just, that city is headed in a different direction than Reno.

But here's one project out of Las Vegas that I hope Reno emulates.

The Nature Conservancy collaborated with Downtown Project, Iowa State University and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas designers to build a 120-square-foot parklet in Las Vegas. The parklet—a tiny intervention called "The Waiting Game" in the downtown district—is a public place for relaxation and enjoyment that transforms a parking space at 180 South 6th Street, near Carson Avenue, into a slice of public urban space where people can come into contact with nature through the parklet’s plantings, have a picnic, play a game, and learn about nearby natural areas and wildlife through concrete engravings. Learn about this project, and join a conversation about how to do more of this kind of innovative place-based creative expression in Reno.

WHERE: Nevada Museum of Art, 160 West Liberty Street, Reno

WHEN: This Friday, at 12:00 pm

TICKETS: Click here

Let's take a look at some of the cooler parkletts I found on the web:

A parklet in San Francisco

A portable parklet in North Beach.

Do you think parklets would work in downtown Reno and Midtown, or is street parking too hot a commodity to give up for even temporary park space?