Meadows Bank Soft-Opens Today

by Mike Van Houten / Oct 6, 2016

Well, I guess we can't really refer to this building as the BofA building anymore. Or maybe it was just me that referred to the building as such. 

Meadows Bank is now open! It's downtown's first community bank, and is set to play with the big boys. I took a construction tour of it back in August. The 4,900-square-foot branch will provide full commercial and personal banking services. It will employ five.

Pinecrest Construction & Development, a family-owned Reno business, has overseen tenant improvements at the downtown location. The bank leased the location from Basin Street Properties, the Reno company that owns 50 West Liberty.

They have one other branch in south Reno, and also have locations in Las Vegas, Pahrump, Henderson, and one in Phoenix. This is the first city they have opened more than one branch in. 

Meadows Bank offers a different way of banking, that's far more up close and personal. 

Their relationship-based approach to banking focuses on making decisions locally, close to their clients. They offer a knowledgeable, friendly staff, an experienced management team and an exceptional Board of Directors to aid you in your banking partnership.

They offer a wide range of services, from checking and savings, to loans, even armored car service, when you need to transport something VERY important. 

I've spoken with the regional president, Dennis Williams, on several occasions. I love the passion and dedication they all have to making a community bank work, which falls in line somewhere between a traditional bank and a credit union. They are really excited to be in the downtown market, and feel it was the right time to open a downtown branch to help serve central Reno residents. 

So pop by and check it out, talk to their friendly staff, see what's up. They are located at 50 West Liberty Street on the first floor, you can't miss it. Here's their web site

Meadows Bank Open

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