Welcome to Midtown Lofts! Check out details, renderings, elevations and the site plan for a new project planned for the corner of SInclair and Center Street. It reflects the spirit of MidTown and should mix in with the neighborhood nicely.

The homes, a combination of duplex units and bungalows, will be next to the new University of Nevada, Reno, Innovation Center.

Let's take a look at the over site plan. All of these images in this article are clickable to fetch the high-resolution versions.

In the above site map, 214 Stewart and 520 Sinclair already exist. They are beautiful Victorian style buildings. Three new dwellings will be constructed along Sinclair, two new duplexes in the alley in the empty lot that stretched from the alley to Stewart, and one new duplex in that same empty lot just east of the Victorian on Stewart.

“We’re already getting calls from people who want to buy one of the homes, and we haven’t even started construction. Midtown clearly is the market that’s most in demand in Reno,” said Blake Smith, whose S3 Development Co. is creating the project.

Now let's look at the elevations along Sinclair:

in the illustration above, Stewart Street would be on the left, and the alley between Stewart and Moran is on the right. The non-colored house is the green office space that already exists, which will be converted into a single family residence.

Here's a look on the Stewart Street side:

The non-colored house in the above illustration is the green Victorian that already exists. It will be converted into a duplex.

Here's a look at the alley-side of the project:

M2 Construction/HomeCrafters, a long-respected residential builder owned by Reno’s Troy and Travis Means, plans to begin construction within 30 days. The first homes will be ready for occupancy next spring.

Architect and my good friend and fellow blogger Mike McGonagle created the design of two-story bungalows, each with a patio, and two-story duplexes that feature mezzanines and rooftop decks.

“The bright and vibrant design fits well with the busy lifestyle of Midtown,” said Smith. “Midtown Lofts will be home to people who are filled with life and fully engaged with the world and their friends.”

The homes, a mix of rental and for-sale units, will range from 825 to 1,960 square feet. Each includes a parking garage.

I live a block away from this project, and am a big fan of in-fill development over urban sprawl. Love the rooftop decks. This project, along with the Marmot Properties plan to add  swank basement units to existing homes on Sinclair, will really beef up the density in a neighborhood that is the connector between Midtown, Wells Avenue's Conversation District, old southwest, and downtown.