So if this rumor holds true, one of the largest commercial transactions in Midtown's recent history is under way. Marmot Properties/Investments partnering with developer Par Tolles, is purchasing the following list of properties:

  • The entire Sticks project, including tenants Two Chicks, Transcend Interior, Hello Yoga, and more. 
  • The Midtown Commons project, where Dreamers, Creme, Dressed Like That, and Good Luck Macbeth reside. 
  • 677/681 South Virginia Street - the building on the corner opposite from Midtown Commons, where Aces tattoo and Classic Skate shop formerly were, and where Finbomb Sushi currently calls home
  • 737 South Virginia Street - The cute multi-unit home to Crystal Cove, formerly home to Culture. 
  • 955 South Virginia Street - The building where Sippee and Happy Happy Joy Hoy call home. 
  • 777 South Center - The building Noble PIe Parlor calls home

The transaction totals roughly 73,500 square feet of retail, from three different current owners.