New Bars and restaurants and a downtown makeover of the Horseshoe Building

by Mike Van Houten / Aug 1, 2018

229 North Virginia - The Horseshoe Building may be getting a makeover! I see a permit for a restaurant remodel and facade remodel, and an MPE, though not sure what that means. Looks like the restaurant may be called Masque. How mysterious!

211 North Virginia Street - Virginia Street Brewhouse - Also opening on Virginia Street in September, will be Virginia Street Brewhouse. Dubbed as a 'multi-use speakeasy and nightlife venue' with the largest selection of craft beer on tap and bottled. On the first floor will be the main bar area and includes a dance floor, stage area for bands, gaming, food and pool tables. On the second floor is 'The Denim Lounge', tapping into the building's history as a jean factory. 

190 California Avenue - Monaciello - This is the building my favorite yoga spot is in, Temple Yoga, upstairs, so I am guessing a new restauarant is going in where Blue Moon Pizza used to be. They're applying for an alcohol license. From their Facebook Page, it looks like pizza and pasta. I love pasta! Here's a construction pic below. 

772 South Virginia Street - Whispering Vine Midtown - Whispering Vine is applying for a packaged liquor license which means they should be opening soon! 

32 Cheney Street - Amari - A new bar is applying for a new alcohol bar license in the next city council meeting. From the owners of Death & Taxes and Midtown Eats, this bar will help with the overflow of Death & Taxes but be a completely different concept and menu. This is Nameless Coffee's old locale. 

50 South Virginia Street - Seven Troughs Speakeasy - Opening in the Basement soon in the historic former post office downtown, is applying for their alcohol license. 


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  • August 1, 2018 - 10:34:04 AM

    Why is another bar being opened in the Basement when the owner has made it clear he doesn't want a bar there? There already was one, and a very cool one. Then he ran them out. This is confusing.

  • August 5, 2018 - 4:58:54 AM

    Hello!. The story regarding the Horseshoe Club facade is exciting news for me because the sign has a lot of sentimentality for various reasons. As a child on family vacations from Ca., I would gaze at the beautiful bright neon that glowed throughout the night. And as an adult, I would keep my brother company as he worked graveyard shift in a change booth at the club. It was always so bright at night on N. Virginia St. in the Biggest Little City. Now there is barely any neon at all downtown. It is quite depressing, as I can remember back in the 70's and 80's when there was the bright purple neon of the Palace Club, the beautiful mural on the Harolds Club, the stupendous brightness of the Flamingo Hilton, the brilliant green neon of the Fitzgerald's. I could go on and on reminiscing, but I just wanted to make it clear that the few old signs that remain are reminders of when gaming was not a corporate thing but local businesses that had real people working there and made Reno what it was back in the day. And that relighting the Horshoe Club neon would bring a lot of life back to the heart of downtown Reno. Hopefully the new owner/developer won't completely remodel the sign. The City of Reno has done it's share of destroying architecturally significant buildings such as the art deco treasure once know as the Mapes Hotel. In reading this story it wasn't clear if they were going to restore the Horshoe's sign or replace it, but I sure hope they restore it. It would be so nice.

  • October 18, 2018 - 9:01:07 AM

    MPE - mechanical, plumbing, electric. Typically seen as MEP in most construction documents.