A new building has broken ground at Reno Experience District! I believe it's the Element Hotel based on the location of the footers and foundation.

This project just keeps growing and growing. I took a walk around the massive 40-acre project and snapped some photos of the new building breaking ground, the Urban Green central park, and the large Building 3, which makes the Emory (the most-completed building) look like a tiny home. 

Check out the galleries below, I spli them up by subject, so it's easier to understand waht's what with this master-planned community. Reno Experience District is turning out to look just like their renderings, which is rare in the construction industry. 

I get that some feel the units are overpriced, but they will fill up one way or another, and the developer/brokers will adjust their prices as necessary to fill it. Just like many projects downtown had to do in '08, '09.