Reno Experience District's Urban Green Emerges

by Mike Van Houten / Jan 14, 2021

I headed down to Reno Exprience District to snap some telephoto shots of the Urban Green emerging between the multiple apartment buildings being constructed. 

The Reno Experience District is planting full size trees in the park. 

The Urban Green will include shaded seating areas, a fenced dog area, an art walk, an outdoor stage, and open space for gathering and events. The programming includes flexible live entertainment, food trucks, art festivals, private events, farmers markets, events with alcohol (including wine and craft beer festivals), extended dining hours, and open container service for vendors in the areas surrounding the retail spaces and the Urban Green. These programming uses will be provided on a continuing basis.

The RED Urban Green includes a number of amenities to activate the park including the covered market walkway designed for outdoor markets (farmers market, craft fairs, etc.), a meandering art walk, a covered outdoor room, and a stage for various performances in park. The outdoor marketplace to be known as Bloom Lane Boardwalk is an area designed specifically to host various outdoor markets from art fairs, farmers markets and night. Oversized awnings with built in power will be used to create protected area for vendors to set up tables to display. Additional kiosks and tents will spill out to other areas of the green and onto adjacent retail streetscapes to strengthen tie between retail spaces and the open space. Accommodations have been made to allow food trucks to show up for special events as well.

The Urban Green is designed with a kids’ play area and a small enclosed dog park. The larger green will also be utilized for more casual and pop up play opportunities such as yoga in the park or outdoor ping pong. There will be areas for rotating installations to change out over time and create an ever-evolving art park environment. These installations will be done in coordination with a programmed art festival and showcase local artists work.

I'm guessing the Urban Green will be accessible by those also attending movies at the theater. 

The park will serve as a nice central community feature for residents of Reno Experience District and visitors as well. 

Check out the photos below! 

Urban Green

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  • January 14, 2021 - 10:02:58 AM

    Wow thank you for sharing all of these progress photos. Things are really moving along at the RED!

  • January 14, 2021 - 12:22:00 PM

    Looks like it will be a nice park. Blue Spruce however have notoriously shallow root systems and like to blow over in the Reno winds. I'm surprised they would plant them at all, let alone mature trees with limited rootballs. Jeffrey pine, sequoia and incense cedar all do much better as isolated evergreens in high winds.