Reno Experience District - Urban Green at Dawn

by Mike Van Houten / Mar 21, 2021

This morning, a took a walk down to Reno Experience District after my gym session at Anytime Fitness Midtown, and wow I was surprised at the progress.

Reno Experience District is the large multi-building project going up at Plumb and Virginia, formerly Park Lane Mall.

They have some of the fencing removed in front of the movie theater that opens up to their Urban Green, so I took the opportunity to stroll through and take some pics. I'm guessing they're opening this up a bit because residents are moving in. 

Not only is the Urban Green making progress, but so are their apartment buildings, particularly 'Building 3' as its being referred to on their official web site. This massive structure will be the largest among the bunch. 

I also noticed new ground work, possibly for the hotel. 

Check out the photos of Reno Experience District below! Including a first-look at just how cool their public Urban Green space will be, which will change the movie theater experience from 'watch-and-go' to 'watch-and-grab-a-meal-and-hang-in-the-park' 


Reno Experience District 3-21-2021

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  • March 27, 2021 - 7:19:41 PM

    MEH. The park is looking way better then expected. The residential buildings way worse than expected, and the units have a lot of "value engineering" in place that negates any "luxury" claims. 20% reductions (1 month free, $2000 gift card) pre- occupancy gives a sense of the market acceptance. Rental Reps say the action is Reno residents downsizing and not corporate of CA renters - I don't buy it.

  • April 8, 2021 - 8:09:01 AM

    It's intriguing to see one of Reno's first master-planned multi-use campuses go up in Washoe County. Although, I am curious to know how this is meeting several needs of the local area, specifically that we are experiencing greater urban sprawl due to the major gaps in income. However, the most recent census data on the regional area suggest that family incomes are up by five percent over the last few years whereas housing has jumped nearly twenty-two percent. Also, Nevada learned a hard lesson back in 2008 when they became aware of the dire effects of being overly dependent on gaming and tourism. Leading to a shift to diversify the industries that attribute to our local and state economies. Is this merely the result of all the new companies in the area?