Reno Public Market - It's Time to Get Excited

by Mike Van Houten / Feb 24, 2021

Reno Public Market is on track for its first tenants opening within a few weeks. Reno Public Market is located on the corner of Plumb Lane and Virginia Street, and is the former Shopper's Square. 

Two of its larger 'anchor' tenants are on target to open within the next three months or so. Let's take a look at the tenants!

CVS Store

One of those will be the new CVS. CVS is moving over to the west side of the complex. Two new features it will offer that the current and prior CVS do not; a Minute Clinic and a drive-thru pharmacy. The new CVS boasts mid-century modern architecture, a nod back to the original Shopper's Square. Speaking of the original, when the front add-on of Shopper's Square was removed (the section that made it an enclosed mall), it revealed the original facade of Shopper's Square, dating back to its roots in the 1950s. Although the initial plan for the overhaul included a new facade for the building, once the old facade was revealed, the decision was made to keep it and restore it. 

The CVS is on track to open in around 60 days. 


Sprouts will also be a new large tenant of Reno Public Market. It will take up residence mostly where CVS used to be. The store received a nice loading dock on the north side, a new facade and entrance on the south side. Check out the photos below. Although the tenant has not been officially named, if you follow this site, then you know who it is, based on the permits on file with the city. This is really, really, really exciting. The 24,000-square-foot store will open on Wednesday, May 12 at 7 a.m.

FiftyFifty Brewing Company

Truckee's FiftyFifty, or 50/50, will be taking up residence in Reno Public Market as a primary tenant. Hailed as 'One of the top beers in the world' by Beer Advocate and 'one of the top ten beers you'll ever taste' by Esquire Magazine, this famous brewery converted its facilities to make hand sanitizer during the early and peak stages of the pandemic, but are gearing up to make their world-famous beer again. It's exciting they will have a presence at Reno Public Market. They are slated to open next year with the Market Hall and Art Collective. 

Art Collective

The Art Collective will be an 8,000 square-foot art maker space and art gallery, spanning two levels within Reno Public Market. Involved in the project is Larry Silva, College of Alameda, who established an art gallery and program for disabled and emerging artists and makers, founded Fab Lab and cofounder of Firehouse Art Collective, and Tom Franco, brother of actor James Franco and founder of Firehouse Art Collective. As noted in this great RGJ article by Jason Hildago, "Franco and Silva plan to bring in artists from projects such as the Firehouse Art Collective while also adding local Reno area artists to their marketing outreach."

Nettie Oliverio talked to me about the project while on my tour. 

It will feature a fine art maker's space, with both an indoor studio and outdoor area for painters and other artists to be inspired outdoors. There will be classroom space as well, and the Art Collective will be partnering with the VA Hospital to offer art therapy at the Collective rather than onsite at the hospital. 

There will also be an art gallery to showcase the work of local artists. 

Port of Subs

Port of Subs. I know folks who aren't fortunate to have one in their own town or city, and will occasionally drive 60+ miles to score a 'Number 1' or a 'Number 15'. Port of Subs is one of my faves, and the prior Shopper's Square location was the closest to me. So suffice to say, I look forward to the new one opening. The new location will open early-to-mid March. Soon! Check out pics of the new building below in the gallery.

Coldstone Creamery

Coldstone Creamery will be neighbors with Port of Subs in the new Plumb Lane facing satellite building. It is projected to open around the same time as Port of Subs, in a few weeks! 

The Market Hall

The market hall will be a glass-enclosed area with indoor and outdoor seating. It will feature a performance stage with a large LED screen wall behind/above it, and is the centerpiece of Reno Public Market. It will be filled with local restaurateurs, each with their own prep and kitchen areas, offering up local food and drink options. This area will also feature a bar. 

Additional Tenants

The U.S. Post Office will be getting a new space, Classic Skate Shop and several new smaller retail spaces and tenants will round out the new remodel. 

Check out pics and video below!


Reno Public Market Tour 2-24-21

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