Whitney Peak Hotel Partners with Cathexes to Upgrade Building Facades

by Mike Van Houten / Sep 12, 2016

Sweet! I just got off the phone with Whitney Peak peeps, and they already doing demo work on the Old Reno Casino, old Vino building across from Montage, and their parking garage retail space. As I reported here, they have demo permits ready to go. 

They've been finishing up the new event space on the third floor, and are now ready to tackle the surrounding properties they own. 

They've partnered with local design firm Cathexes to build out new facades for these three buildings, which will substantially change the look fo the entire strip, and fit well with Whitney Peak's existing 'outdoor industrial chic' facade facing the ReTRAC train trench covers. 

Whitney Peak Hotel and Cathexes have been working together for the past few weeks, and already have preliminary design concepts. The design concepts will be released once they are more finalized. 

Their construction contractor, Miles Construction, is already doing preliminary demo work on the structures. 

The buildings will get new facades and a 'warm vanilla shell' ready to tenant improvements. They're thinking office/retail for the spaces, as downtown as already saturated with great restaurants. 

This is really going to change the look and feel of the ReTRAC corridor, coupled with 3rd Street Lofts nearing completion. 


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