Introducing Atomik City Office Suites! Want an office next to a hip distillery and five beautiful craftsman-style bungalows? Better hurry, it's already almost full.

This is part of the Urbanito project on the corner of Mill and Holcomb. Whipple Distillery next door, on the corner of High and Mill, and five beautifully renovated Craftsman-style bungalows, are also part of this infill project.

The second floor of 400 Mill, with a postal code of 410 Mill, at one point in time hosted the school of medicine for UNR. Maintaining the original office use, 410 Mill Street offers '60s-style "Madmen" office suites complete with original hardwood maple floors, mid-century lighting and slick original heaters. As a long time member of the local 50s/60s style conspiracy-themed cult rock'n roll band The Atomiks, the project developer, Luke Hoffman, thought it fitting to call this effort Atomik City Office Suites. The offices are complete on the inside, and six of the nine suites are already spoken for. Tenants of Atomik City Office Suites fit the vision of small start-up and development oriented companies who embrace the mid-century vibe of the building Some current and/or slated inhabitants of 410 Mill Street include:

-a civil/structural engineering company
-a property developer
-a tech-savvy accounting firm
-a photography group
-a publicist
-an inventor

While the main retail space (4000+ sqft) on the ground level of 400 Mill is currently available and considering tenants, word on the street is plans for two separate businesses that will operate in conjunction within the main retail space are currently in design phase. Hint: These operations will benefit the community helping folks look good and start their day right.