Center & Pine Gears Up To Open

by Mike Van Houten / Jul 19, 2017

I recently took a tour of Center + Pine, the rehabbed, re-purposed former weekly motel at 200 South Center Street, and I came away impressed. 

Pine Street, well, this whole little section of downtown, is poised for a major revitalization, and no offense to midtown, it's refreshing to see it happen in a neighborhood other than Midtown. 

In the bottom floor, California Jean Bar will be moving from the basement into Center + Pine, and though he couldn't divulge the name at the time, a 'very well-known breakfast place that's been featured on nationally televised food shows' will also occupy the first floor of Center + Pine. Both these venues are expected to open around November, the same time as Sizzle Pie across the street. 

Across the street, Sizzle Pie will occupy the former Pine Food and Spirits liquor store. It will feature ROOFTOP DINING, which will be totally kick ass. See-see motor coffee has already opened on the same block. Just around the block sits Patagonia, and next to Patagonia, Desert Wind Homes snatched up four buildings, including an 8-plex, a duplex and a 4-plex, and is in the process of cleaning up and rehabbing the units. 

Add all this up, and you have a block that was formerly a little scary to walk through because of all the abandoned buildings, to a completely revitalized section of south downtown. 

Ok so back to the project. Also residing on the first floor is a cute little lobby, and a large bike storage area. 

Above the first floor sits 24 units ranging from studios to two-bedroom units, on two levels. The north-facing second-floor units have nice-sized balconies that extand out over the top of the restaurant/retail spaces. The south-facing units have balconies. 

All of the units feature washers and dryers, nice kitchens, floor to ceiling windows, and nice open floor plans. The ceilings are exposed concrete boens of the building, with exposed duct-work, giving it a modern industrial feel. 

Studios will run at $895, one bedrooms at $1299 and two-bedroom units at $1500. 

As of this writing, people should already be moving into the building if all went as planned. 

Check out the photos below! Keep in mind, I took this tour about a week and a half ago, so the residential units should be just about done and ready for move-in as of this posting. 

Center + Pine Tour

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  • July 20, 2017 - 8:15:41 AM

    Happy to see your postings again Mike. Super pleased with this area of town and what is happening. Seems since the post office reopened the entire area to the east has been coming up. I too look forward to rooftop dining.

  • July 20, 2017 - 3:20:56 PM

    This project is beautiful. I am so glad the unique exterior of the Center Lodge was preserved. Living proof that run down motels with exciting mid century architecture can and should be adaptively reused instead of demolished. This place was in ten times worse shape than the motels the city demolished on Virginia and 5th last year. The architecture is so much more interesting than if the land was scraped and a stucco-burger modern building was built. Reuse, revitalize, renovate. Great project.

  • July 21, 2017 - 12:47:19 PM

    Waffle House. That neighborhood demands a Waffle House!

  • July 28, 2017 - 12:02:39 AM

    Glad you are posting again. I have been waiting for the update.