News 4-25-07 Center Street Improvements

As part of my route today I walked down to 8 On Center, on Center Street, and walked to downtown on Center Street. I must say, Center Street is really starting to take shape. The 8 On Center units look great at street level. Landscaping is done. A little birdie told me that the 8 On Center crew has plans brewing for the empty lot and beige house lot across the street from 8 On Center, including some kind of community square. Then, the white house on the west side of Center directly north from the beige house is getting a total restore, including new porch, new porch columns. Further north, several new businesses have cropped up, utilizing Center Street's quaint old homes as offices or store fronts or restaurants. The Carriage Stone Apartments for Seniors is a nice addition. The coming Children's Museum will help revitalize the north portion as well.

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